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RV Healthcare Consultant is a multi-services consulting firm providing services to the healthcare industry and healthcare organizations. The firm’s expertise centers in strategy value-based cost production, coding and compliance, risk and healthcare operations, transaction support services and new business development. We facilitate business-to-business opportunities, that help our clients navigate the industry.

Who We Are

Our team’s consulting expertise is built on an understanding of each stakeholder across the value chain – including insurance providers, doctors and the public sector. Rapidly evolving market conditions, regulatory forces from government and consumer expectations are constantly changing and adding challenges to the healthcare industry. Our team has the experience and will assist you and your company to optimize opportunities in our industry, meet digital technologies and achieve maximum and sustained value.

Our Mission

Our goal is to focus on helping transform the U.S. healthcare system and improving quality of healthcare to minorities in our communities.

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Our Team

Dr. Raul Vazquez, M.D. F.A.A.F.P.

Dr. Raul Vazquez, M.D. F.A.A.F.P.
President & CEO

Toni L. Vazquez, MBA

Toni L. Vazquez, MBA
Chief Systems Officer

The Inspiring Journey
of Dr. Raul Vazquez

A Word from Dr. Raul Vazquez

 As a healthcare consultant, my goal is to guide my clients through the journey of improving their healthcare operations and outcomes. I serve as a guide, helping them navigate the complex and often overwhelming world of healthcare.

At the heart of my approach is the concept of the hero’s journey, with my clients as the hero and myself as the guide. I work with them to identify the clear problem they are facing, whether it be inefficiencies in their medical practice, challenges with managing patient care, or difficulties in achieving financial stability.

Once the problem has been identified, we work together to develop a plan to succeed. This may involve streamlining processes, implementing new technologies, or training staff in new techniques. Whatever the solution, my role is to provide expertise and support as my clients work towards their desired outcome.

But my approach to healthcare consulting goes beyond just offering solutions. I also focus on the needs and desires of my clients, helping them to understand the benefits of the various options we discuss. This empowers them to make informed decisions that align with their goals and values.

In addition to the hero’s journey, I also incorporate the seven universal stories into my approach. Whether my clients are facing a “monster” in the form of a competitive threat, striving for a “rags to riches” transformation, or seeking a sense of “rebirth” in their operations, I help them craft a story that resonates and motivates them to take action.

Ultimately, my goal is to provide a clear and compelling call to action, inviting my clients to take the next step towards improving their healthcare operations. Whether through one-on-one consulting, training sessions, or ongoing support, I am committed to helping my clients achieve their desired outcomes and succeed in the complex world of healthcare.

Our Services

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New Markets

An important part of our services includes new business development and entering selected markets.


Value-Based Experts

Providing specialized support and consulting for clients with high-risk patient populations with complex, chronic conditions or advanced-stage illnesses.

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Risk & Healthcare Operations

RVHC offers support to our clients Executive Team in the areas of compliance companies in a wide range of fields. Including health plans, providers, hospitals, and health systems.

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Transaction Support Mergers and Acquisitions

Raul Vazquez is in a unique position to help clients with a merger or for medical practices to be acquired.

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General Healthcare Business Strategy

At RVHC we understand the unique intricacies of the healthcare industry. We provide business consulting to corporations of all sizes dealing with healthcare industry changes.

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Patient and Member Engagement

Our team helps clients increase engagement with members through data analytics, communications platforms consulting and strategy to increase success with specific minority market segments.

Better Health Care is Our Mission